InstructorRoz Oserin
TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 1, 2018 - Mar 21, 2019
Certificate20% of quiz marks
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This class is to get the beginning painter started using watercolor.

This class is taught Live at Nainsook – Address8130 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

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We recorded this class so that you can take it at your home at your convenience.

Section 1Materials/ washes/ techniques
Lecture 1IntroductionFree Preview

Materials needed: Please come to class with a 1″ square, an#8 or #10 round and a small square acrylic brush (stiff) for lifting.  Also bring a plastic palette. You will need a primary red, blue and yellow watercolor paint.  My recommendation for these paints are either American Journey or Daniel Smith watercolors.  I prefer Daniel Smith Nickel Azo Yellow, Ultramarine Blue and Brown Madder (which is red)

In this class you will learn how to do different types of washes as well as use tools to create special effects with watercolor.toothbrushes. These include how to use mastic for saving your whites, how to lift with a small acrylic  brush and how to use sponges, salt, rice and tracing paper.

We will go over materials including watercolor paints, brush + paper types
Have everyone fill their tray with each watercolor beginning at one end.

Each student will complete one simple still life or landscape in this class. 

Lecture 2Homework
Section 2ValuesFree Preview

Materials needed: Need tracing paper and copy paper for each / pencils

 “Idyllwild Shadows” watercolor and “Ballerina”

Handout on Values

Value Study demonstration

Use the Idyllwild landscape in black and white to show value and how the eye moves through the painting.  Have each student make a copy in black and white of their subject show it to the class and say whether or not it is a good choice for a painting.  Does it have the full range of values?

Materials needed: Students need their photos of value range.  Need copy paper and tracing paper for all.  paper palettes (grey) freezer paper   Handout of composition choices (simplified) One 8×10 w/c  paper for each

 markers #1-5, #2 pencils, paper to draw line drawings or use black paint in 4 different levels

Lesson: Using the photos that you brought, do a line drawing and fill in the value range from 1-5   Choose which one you will paint and also choose the colors that you will be using. Write this down on your line drawing.  Begin your painting.

Section 3Color + CompositionFree Preview

Color:  Show the wheel and how it works.

Materials:  5 basic compositions handout

Have students mix secondary colors violet, green and orange using both of each of the primary colors.

Composition: Pass out the 5 basic compositions handout. Go over and show finished works where it is apparent that this was used.  Go over the 9 grid.

Paint something in colors that it is not normally seen in nature.  This is fun and makes the paintings interesting…

Section 4Putting It All Together