It is really worth it to get this custom framed?
25 Oct 2016

Should I Spend the Money On Custom Framing?


A question that we’ve all asked ourselves – It is really worth it to get this custom framed? The answer is simple. If it is something you treasure and you want it to last in order to pass down to the next generation the answer is yes. When you choose acid free products with UV protection and museum grade glass, you are making the best choice available to protect your art for the future. It is a well-known fact that sun and pollutants in the air can deteriorate art work. This is the same reason we get our cars washed often and keep them in the garage, to rid them of these pollutants, and protect them.

There are several levels to choose from when custom framing. From a very simple, inexpensive wooden moulding to the most ornate, to an ornate gold leaf fillet to line your favorite oil painting. Make sure that the person that creates your art display uses only acid free products to extend the life of your treasured piece.

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