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25 Oct 2016

What’s the meaning of art, anyway?


When I was young I thought that being an artist was “not really working”. How could one have all that fun all day long and not really make much money? What was up with the couple where one had a full time job and the other got to hang out in their garage and make crazy 3 dimensional Day Of The Dead pieces? Fast forward 25 years… I now understand the need to create…the need to put thoughts on paper or canvas, the need to share with others, the need to represent feelings that surface and repress over and over, like the waves of the ocean.

Art is so much more than “pleasing to the eye”. It is pleasing to the soul, an outward depiction of the inner self. If we take off our shell as artists and share with the world we have not only opened our hearts and minds up to the vulnerability of others, but allowed them to share in the complexity of the creation of that art.

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